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Good Design Indonesia

Lima Meca Revolt Has Been Awarded
Good Design Indonesia 2022

Good Design Indonesia

After Lima Meca 03 earned the success of winning Good Design Indonesia 2021, It is Lima Meca Revolt’s turn to win the same award for 2022. Good Design Indonesia is a franchised award show of the Japanese Good Design Award, also known as G-Mark. We feel nothing but grateful for this opportunity and for the support of Indonesian design practitioners.

Last but not least, congratulations for all the winner of Good Design Indonesia 2022.

Watchboy Singapore

Lima Meca 03

made in indonesia automatic lima watches. NH35 Seiko Movement, watch enthusiast, fun and trends.


Indonesia, a beautiful country known for their amazing food, warm people, great coffee and I could simply go on. One thing I hadn’t anticipated and was really excited when I found an Indonesian watch company, Lima Watch. This excited me, as I am always on the lookout for new watch brands or companies especially those from South East Asia. So when I was first introduced to Lima watches I was ecstatic. Lima has been around since 2014 and I am a little late to the game but better late than never.

So if you are reading this and know of more South East Asian watch brands, be a pal and do let me know.

Back to Lima, the founder of the brand has a background in design and with that you can see a little whimsical aspects of a designer’s mind at work in their range of watches. A tad bit Nordic, minimalistic, vintage and while keeping some traditional aspects of Indonesian design is what I feel encapsulates the brand that is Lima.

Meca-03, when it arrived at my doorstep I was immediately taken back to my youth. The box it came in had me totally reminisce of a time of brightly coloured cardboard boxes with elaborate over the top cartoonish drawings and jarringly bright coloured words to go along. Was this a toy, was it intended to be light hearted or was it just to take us back to a simpler time where we enjoyed what was in the box no matter the price or condition. I really enjoyed this fun and light hearted approach to a watch by Lima.

Carrying on with the toy themed style, the instructions and specifications came in a line card styled instruction manual which is a nice added touch.

made in indonesia automatic lima watches. NH35 Seiko Movement, watch enthusiast, fun and trends.

As we move along to the watch, it has minimalist written all over it. The dial has a very interesting layout, where there is an inner circle showcasing in red 60 markers with 5 minute or second intervals however you want to look at it. Keeping this compacted into the centre of the dial surprisingly does not make it look cluttered but actually plays nicely to give a subtle effect that makes the dial still looking somewhat minimalistic. I suppose due to the creators design background he has an understanding of balancing the right amount of colours and layout to keep it looking minimal yet with a good amount of details.

To showcase the dial as a focal point, there is no bezel but just a polished case all round. This gives the watch a very old styled vintage feel, reminding me of the old Seiko 5s which have no bezel. Specifically, the Seiko 6619-8230 comes to mind.

As we move along to the strap, again in muted colours that gives of a similar old styled finishing and somewhat unassuming.

A real fun part of this piece is it’s playfulness in trying to pass itself of as a toy from the 60s perhaps. The makers of this watch have opted to despite making it feel like a bit of a novelty still remind you that they do understand watches and have not gone with just a quartz but have fitted the Meca-03 with an automatic movement, a Seiko NH35 no less, an extremely reliable one.

Moving back to the fun side of things, Lima has opted for a hexagonal shaped hole for their crown. In what that seemingly looks like a bolt that needs an Allen key to tighten something in place. It is actually done on purpose, as this piece comes with a manual winding key. I must say, the manual winding key is so fun and at the same time intriguing as this is something I’ve never expected to see come with a watch. It adds a little bit of a fun dimension taking away some seriousness we all sometimes come expect or subconsciously anticipate from a watch.

made in Indonesia automatic lima watches and coffee. NH35 Seiko Movement, watch enthusiast, fun and trends.

Lima has as well opted for an exhibition case back showcasing the ‘Lima’ name etched onto the movement. A blue toy car with the words Meca-03 which are similar to the one on the box is printed onto the transparent case back.

I am glad to have this fun and South East Asian made piece in my collection and am glad the makers behind the watch have gone ahead to have some fun yet creating a piece that is practical and is sure to run well with its Japanese movement. Overall, it looks and feels good and even come with a serious NH35 movement. I am impressed with the right about of fun and yet still keeping it serious enough to be a proper everyday watch.


Lima Meca 02

Get ready to smile. Honestly, this one lit up not just my day, my week, or month. No, when I first laid eyes on the Lima Automatic Meca02, I felt that perhaps 2021 wasn’t going to be so bad after all. I laughed. Genuinely, I laughed out loud. Not derisively, but rather in disbelief that something so cute, so cool, and so totally off my radar could exist. Even after spending the entirety of my adult life in the watch business, I’m glad there are surprises left to discover.

I was contacted out of the blue by Herman Tantriady about possibly reviewing his irreverent creations. I’d never heard of Lima watches before so I checked out the site. The Meca02 offered here for one of you lucky readers to win is such an exceptionally well-realized concept I just had to accept. Given the approachable retail of this piece (coming in at just $275) I felt pretty comfortable asking Herman if he fancied donating this model to one of the Fratelli. He immediately agreed (smart guy). And now I have the opportunity to share with you this grin-inducing slice of fun.


What’s not to like?

I get a bit tired of concepts that take themselves a bit too seriously. Watchmaking is a varied discipline and just as varied a hobby. There can be loads of angles from which to come at the craft. Do you collect based on technical prowess or artful aesthetics? Is it rarity or trendiness that attracts you more? Is this all very serious to you or do you prefer to have a giggle?

When it comes to unusual ideas, I think it is probably best to keep them affordable. Brands like Mr. Jones, Unimatic, and Undone do this really well. They produce cutesy curios that provide a lot of laughs for your lolly (my humorous take on “bang for your buck”). I like a lot of the watches from those aforementioned brands, but I like none of them as much as I like the Meca02 from Lima.


This watch costs basically nothing in comparison to the kind of timepieces we normally write about. Heck, I spent more on a new bracelet for my Laventure Marine recently (and that’s another micro/small independent brand to boot!). But that doesn’t mean it is of poor quality. In fact, the opposite is true. This has been achieved by smart design decisions. Tantriady has designed this watch within its own limitations and he has succeeded largely because of his own restraint and because the concept itself is very pure.


A simple idea, very well done

I like this model so much because it is a perfect manifestation of my central watch design philosophy: don’t do anything if you can’t do it well. Tantriady has fixed the remit early on in the design phase. This watch needs to be key-wound. That’s it. Everything else has followed in line with that simple goal. He picked an era of design that is contemporaneous with the advent of key-wound toys and his sympathetic design followed suit.


He hasn’t been tempted to overegg it. A tasteful, quaint colorway provides a characterful base, allowing the key-wound concept to take center stage. And to round-out the proposition, the watch comes in a box that looks like it is straight out of Al of Al’s Toy Barn’s personal collection of vintage playthings. For less than 300 bucks, you get a fully-realized, satisfyingly executed concept watch that could happily sit next to your Sub or Speedy or, perhaps even better, be gifted to a young watch lover whose mind is just waiting to be bewitched by the mechanic mechanism within.


Mr. Montre

Toujours friands de petites marques indépendantes aux montres originales et bien faites, nous vous proposons aujourd’hui de jeter un oeil aux créations Lima Watch, et plus particulièrement au modèle Meca02 Automatique. Rafraîchissant !

Un peu d’histoire

Après une carrière de web designer à Singapour, Herman Tantriady revient en Indonésie en 2002, et rejoint l’agence marketing OgilvyOne Worldwide. En 2005, il crée sa propre agence de design, Pomato Asia, pour finalement lancer sa marque de montres baptisée Lima Watch, en 2014.

Pour donner vie à ses garde-temps, Herman collabore avec des designers issus de divers domaines, offrant ainsi des produits uniques, singuliers, à l’esthétique hors du commun. En 2019, la marque remporte notamment deux prix récompensant le design de ses montres Lima Zenga et Lima Time Loop.

Lima Watch Lima Watch

Pour l’instant, Lima Watch comprend cinq collections : Astronomer, Zenga, Pa:Gi, So:Re, et Meca. C’est à cette dernière que nous nous intéressons particulièrement dans cet article.

Le modèle Meca02 Automatique

Lima Watch Meca02 Comme vous pouvez le voir, cette montre a clairement quelque chose de différent. Un design original, créatif, un style à la fois casual, ludique et particulièrement soigné.

Le boîtier de 39 mm en acier inoxydable 316L brossé est couplé à un beau bracelet en cuir véritable marron avec surpiqûres blanches au niveau des cornes. Sur le côté droit à 3h, la couronne de couleur bronze peut se remonter à l’aide d’une clé fournie avec la montre, faisant penser à celles utilisées pour remonter les jouets. Ludique, on vous l’a dit !

Lima Watch Meca02

Le cadran de cette Meca02 est intéressant dans le choix des teintes, de la forme et du placement des différents éléments. De couleur blanc crème, il s’habille de chiffres bleu clair à la typo très contemporaine. Le 12 est remplacé par le logo de la marque en rouge. Rouge que l’on retrouve d’ailleurs sur l’aiguille des seconde et sur les chiffres du disque central surélevé. Les aiguilles heures/minutes sont découpées, l’une en métal argenté, l’autre en blanc. Enfin, le guichet date rond prend la place du 5, un positionnement peu courant.

Autre choix intéressant, le verre Crystal K1 qui, avec son aspect dôme, donne du relief à la montre ainsi qu’une subtile allure vintage.

La Meca02 est animée par un mouvement automatique Seiko NH35, fiable et précis. Attention, ce n’est pas un garde-temps que vous exposerez à l’eau puisqu’il n’est étanche que jusqu’à 30 m (3 ATM).

Lima Watch Meca02 Lima Watch Meca02

Cette montre est présentée dans une boîte rétro vraiment amusante, avec une illustration de pistolet « Spacetime Blaster » de bande dessinée sur le dessus, faisant penser à un jouet. Cela renforce encore l’esprit récréatif du modèle et de la marque en général. S’amuser tout en proposant de belles choses.

Lima Watch Meca02

La Lima Meca02 est d’ores et déjà disponible en pré-commande à un prix très accessible. Attention cependant, sa production est limitée à seulement 99 pièces. Enfin, sachez que la montre s’accompagne d’une garantie de 12 mois.

Prix : 275$

Worn & Wound

Hands-On With The Curiously Creative Lima Watch Meca-01

This is a hobby that gets taken pretty seriously sometimes. Million dollar watches and collectors appearing in the pages of the NYT are commonplace these days. As passionate as we are about watches, it’s important to take a step back from time to time and see them for the luxury that they have become. It’s refreshing, then, to see watches that aren’t afraid to have a little fun in their approach. The Meca-01 from Lima Watch falls squarely into this camp, putting a toy-like spin on the mechanical watch.

The retro designed packaging of the Meca-01 sets the stage perfectly for the brand’s first mechanical offering. There’s an illustrated robot straight out of the ‘50s sci-fi genre with copy to match. It feels a bit like something you’d see from Max Busser as inspiration for an horological machine. Unlike those, this watch is far more accessible, priced at under $300, and what it lacks in sophistication, it makes up for creativity.

The robot on the front of the box is a fictional wind-up toy, with the key depicted below the oddly worded message “with Key Manual Winding Action”. This alludes to what you’ll find inside, as the same key is packaged within the box for use in winding the watch itself. The crown features a keyhole at its end for the hex key to insert, allowing the user to wind the watch much like the tin toys the watch is inspired by. Setting and adjusting still requires the crown to be pulled out and manipulated by hand, however. And yes, winding can still be done by hand as well.

The dial continues with the tin toy motif with red pinstripe circles occupying a gently raised center portion of the dial, and blue Arabic numerals reading off the hours. Red dots flank each hour for a final detail that culminated in the red Lima Watches logo at 12 o’clock. Hollow syringe hands are careful not to steal much attention from the silver dial, as does the discreet date aperture situated at 5 o’clock exactly, replacing the hour numeral.

The steel case measures 39mm in diameter, but its execution is a bit unusual. The top is uniform in texture and flatness, sitting flush from edge to edge. It appears as if they stopped after the first stage of stamping the case. It’s an odd experience to behold, as well as it is to wear, but the aesthetic fits the overall tone of the watch. Within beats a Seiko NH35 automatic movement, which is visible through the exhibition caseback.

The Meca-01 may be as much a novelty as it is a watch, but it’s a good reminder that watch collecting can be light hearted and imaginative. At $275, this may even make a great gift to lure a younger generation into mechanical watches. Learn more about the watch from Lima Watch here, though be warned, their website requires a flash player to properly navigate, so enter at your own risk.

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